Showdown for maker boards

In this time, in which there is a multiplicity of most different Maker boards (SBCs), it becomes more and more important to set on the correct offerer. Established suppliers to industrial markets and projects know what customers need. Rely on the right driving force here! Through professional support, a rich selection of extensions and holistic solutions (suitable housings and power supplies for the board of your choice) your development will be enormously accelerated and can go into series production without problems.
  Raspberry PI 3B+ ADL
  No professional
Design-In Support
Request support Request support
PCB-Design cheap/simple rugged/enhanced rugged/enhanced
Thermal-Solution no/simple optimized for serveral applications optimized for serveral applications
Dimensions 85 x 56mm 75 x 75mm 75 x 75mm
Weight approx. 60gr approx. 60gr approx. 60gr
long-term availability
maybe until 2021

up to Q1/2028

up to Q1/2031

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An honest comparison with the latest ADL Embedded Computer Board Series:

When it comes to using small form factors - so-called "SFF" single-board computers - in an industrial environment, the questions similar to:
"Can't we use Maker-Board XYZ?" often come up!

In this very honest comparison table with one of the current worldwide Maker SBC (PI3B+) and ADL's SEC 75*75mm processor board, you will find the unembellished cornerstones why not!

See and decide for yourself!

Picture Maker_Boards

A fully detailed table:

Here we show you a detailed comparison table with the key functions important for industrial applications and projects.

First of all, one thing must be said for comparison: It is far from our intention to denigrate the Maker-SBC "PI 3B+" of the British Raspberry Pi Foundation! It is a groundbreaking SBC form factor, which has gained an unequalled worldwide reputation in school and teaching environments. And rightly so! In a budget limited environment it is almost impossible to get a better maker board with a bigger community.

However, there is always a "but" ...
But for the different requirements of industrial customers and their projects such Maker-SBC are hardly suitable.
The biggest hurdle is clearly to get from the development table to the final production.
The very low purchase price unfortunately conceals the many subsequent costs (such as CE or FCC certification).