Industrial Automation

  • Longterm Available
  • Easy Integration
  • Rugged and Reliable

For our customers in the industrial automation sector, we offer a broad portfolio of single board computers (SBC) and embedded computer systems (EPC / IPC). Based on industrially established motherboards from Beckhoff Automation, stable operation, comprehensive compatibility with TwinCAT and EtherCAT as well as a maximum product lifetime and availability are ensured. 


IoT / iIoT / Edge

  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Small Formfaktor
  • Robust and Reliable

The special requirements of applications in the IoT / iIoT area of application are optimally supported by our computer boards and systems. Particularly low energy consumption enables smart small cooling solutions and housings. This goes hand in hand with lower weight and long running times, e.g. in battery operation.


Medical Solutions

  • Patient Safety
  • Optimal Patient Experience
  • Rugged and Reliable

In the medical field, two different aspects are typically always at the forefront: first and foremost is patient safety and thus the operational reliability of the medical hardware. Immediately afterwards, the focus is on the optimal patient experience with the hospital equipment and the clinical results that are constantly in need of improvement.


IT Security

  • Trustworthy
  • Design & Production: Made in Germany
  • Robust and Reliable

In the field of IT security there is nothing more important than a trustworthy partner!
Our customers (from the security-relevant areas such as government authorities and military) trust in our solutions and services. Not without reason: Design in Germany and manufacturing in Germany are beyond any quality doubt.


Big Data / Cloud

  • Modular and Scalable
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Maintenance-Free (fanless Thermal Cooling)

When accessibility counts!
Bigdata and Cloud applications live from the absolute accessibility of network nodes and endpoints. High availability, generally referred to as "ONTIME", now extends from servers to endpoints. The "data is the new oil" pages - as little of it as possible should be lost.


Communication and Network

  • Scalability
  • Availability
  • Reliability

The ever-increasing volume of data makes a broad, scalable and reliable network infrastructure essential. The forecasts of the worldwide increasing data volume only give an idea of how strong and efficient the new and coming generations of network nodes and backbones must be! Autonomous driving, low latencies and the new 5G WWAN technology are no longer future visions ...


High Performance Computing

  • Higher Processor Speed and more Cores
  • Optimized Cooling Efficiency
  • Absolutely Stable Operation under up to Rough Conditions

A higher number of processor cores, increasing clock rates and ever smaller production technology - all accompanied by smaller CPU-DIE interfaces - present manufacturers of high-performance embedded systems with acute challenges. New technologies and materials are needed to provide efficient advantageous package integration for the deployment of such systems under harsh conditions.


Industrial Vision

  • Latest sensor interfaces
  • High transfer rates and processor speed
  • Stable continuous operation

In no other environment is the development of new technology as rapid as in industrial image and video processing. The interaction and increasing number of sensors with high data rates (frame rate, resolution or both) pose enormous challenges to transport buses and host computing systems. Here it is important to choose the right "horse". In the long run, low energy consumption / high efficiency in TCO calculation will more than pay off!


Industry 4.0

  • Compatibility and Modularity
  • Easy Integration
  • Security and Adaptability

Great flexibility is required, especially when integrating control and automation hardware. Often you will find existing network infrastructure and may have to adapt to old standards. Worse still: Suddenly devices from the old "offline world" must be smartly integrated, whereby current network and safety standards must be maintained and future-proof/modularly made available.



  • Error-Free Function
  • Fast Response Rime
  • Forward-Thinking and Intelligent

From productive use at assembly level to cleaning the office floor: The arrival of machines and robots is in full swing. Error-free function has long ceased to be a comfort requirement here! Where man and machine work directly together, more than just blunt execution of control commands is required. It is hard to imagine what damage a machine robot arm could cause ...