ADL low profile (LP) Heatsink

The thermal conduction path is direct attached – to transport the heat from CPU and CHIPSET as fast as s possible into 2 sinle heatsink. There is no additional fan required. Only low power chips support operating with this heatsink. This thermal solution is cheap and lightweight. The heatsink for big powerhouse Intel Core CPU features 2 fans and copper core enhancements.

The ADL LP heatsink setup is a standalone thermal solution. This can’t be used for ext. temp. operation in -40°C to +85°C environment!
To be used with: ADLLX8PC, ADLS15PC, ADLN2000PC, ADLE3800PC (not QuadCore)

Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
Thermal solutions    
ADLE3800PC-PASSIVE LP 292810 Low Profile Passive Heatsink
ADLN2000PC-PASSIVE LP 292512 Low Profile Passive Heatsink
ADLD25PC-PASSIVE LP 292512 Low Profile Passive Heatsink
ADLS15PC-PASSIVE LP 292062 Low Profile Passive Heatsink
ADLLX8PC-PASSIVE LP 292055 Low Profile Passive Heatsink