Custom System enclosures and Thermal Solutions can be designed to meet space, power, and environmental requirements. Aided by Solidworks® 3D CAD design software, our engineers can help conceptualize, design, build, and fully integrate and test both low and high IP (Ingress Protection Rating) systems. Fully integrated systems for applications as varied as data concentrators on oil rigs to military communications with extreme Mil-Std810 vibrations requirements have been successfully designed and deployed by ADL Embedded Solutions in close cooperation with our numerous industrial and defense-related clients.


Working from customer requirements and concepts, ADL Embedded Solutions can help refine customer concepts to develop agreed upon critical design requirements. From these requirements, ADL Embedded Solutions can develop implementation strategies, while our Sales engineers generate options quotes to help guide the NRE process. This collaborative process is the key to developing workable solutions that meet both cost and technical constraints. Often, an intervening “proof of concept” stage will follow prior to committing NRE design resources.


Tools like Solidworks® 3D CAD design software not only aid in rapid development of enclosure and system concepts, but also make for efficient communication of design concepts with customers to minimize development time and time to market. Once approved, Solidworks® 3D CAD design software also becomes the primary communication vehicle for documenting the system for customer SCDs (source control drawings) as well as for follow-on manufacturing steps.


Using our strong relationships with metalwork, milling, coating, and component vendors, ADL Embedded Solutions can make even the most complex system a reality. Typically, small quantity prototypes are built to review manufacturing quality and mechanical specifications. Fully integrated systems are built up to validate ease of integration by production personnel, confirm electrical specifications, and shipped to the end-customer for system verification testing as well as any specialty tests such as vibration or EMI compliance testing.

System integration

Any customer system (board stack with/without custom system enclosure) can be fully integrated including custom O/S installation, peripheral card installation and configuration, board modifications, custom cabling, and customer specific testing requirements. Document-controlled Work Instructions serve to capture these customer-specific requirements to ensure uniformity of product throughout the life of the customer project.

Systems integration process control

A well-defined systems integration process guarantees that all customer requirements are well documented and captured and that quality is ensured through the use of prototype and production pilot run(s), QA checkpoints, and document control. For complex systems, training of production personnel is conducted to ensure familiarity with integration procedures and customer-specific testing requirements.

CAD modeling support

Many customers are well versed in 3D CAD design for their systems work and simply need CAD Modeling Support to integrate our boards, enclosures, or peripherals into their system.  CAD models for all of our SBCS and select peripherals are available in both Solidworks and STEP 203/214 formats upon request from your Sales Engineer.