• Two sizes available to reduce time to market
  • Support for Passive Fanless and High-Power Conductive-Cooled Designs
  • Compatible with all ADL PC/104 and 3.5 Single Board Computers and Power Supplies
  • Uni-body design with minimal Gasket Interfaces Ensure Reliable Ingress Protection
  • SWaP-Optimized for Size, Weight or Power Constrained Applications
  • Front I/O Plate can be easily customized for feature and function
  • EMC-Compliance Gasket Kit IP67
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD 810 Rugged Applications
  • Designed to meet high-IP (optional Gasket Kit IP67)
  • Optional MIL-COTS Filter for MIL-STD 461 EMI Compliance
  • Optional MIL-COTS Filter for MIL-STD 704/1275 Power for Military Ground Vehicles and Avionics
  • Optional Removable MIL-STD 810 Hard Drive Options with Secure-Erase Storage


The rugged ADLMES9200 chassis is a successor to ADL’s popular ADLMES8200 IP65 chassis system. Improvements include lower weight, lower cost, quick and optional IP67 integration for rugged military and industrial applications. Design features for military / defense system include MIL-STD 810 tolerance and MIL-STD 461/704/1275 compliance capability.

The ADLMES9200 is compatible with all ADL’s full range of Intel-based PC/104 and 3.5″ SBC’s which range from low-power ATOM to the latest Intel Core i5/i7 processors. Power supply options include ADL’s range of long-life (MTBF>500,000 hrs) with options for MIL-STD 461/704/1275 compliant filtering.

The uni-body design, with minimal, reliable EMC-compliant gasketing makes for better IP67 Ingress protection as well as assembly. Full design and development services are available for chassis customization, cabling, integration and modeling support.


Rugged Military / Defense: Ground Vehicles, Mission / Payload Computing, Secure Communications, SWaP-constrained systems for mobile, airborne and vehicle

Rugged Industrial: Oil and Gas, Road Construction and Inspection, Mining, Agriculture

Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
ADLMES9200-LPPA 9200-LPPA Passive Finned with Flanged Base
ADLMES9200-LPPB 9200-LPPB Passive Finned with Active Fan and Flanged Base
ADLMES9200-LPPC 9200-LPPC Passive Finned with Active Fan; No Flanged Base
ADLMES9200-LPPD 9200-LPPD Passive Finned; No Flanged Base
ADLMES9200-LPPE 9200-LPPE Conduction Cooled with Flanged Base
ADLMES9200-IP67-KIT ADLMES9200-IP67-KIT EMC-compliant Gasket Kit for IP67 Option
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ADLSST   Not yet available