Embedded Systems


Based on ADL standard products, customers can quickly and easily set up appropriate IPC configurations. ADL assembles and ships rapid prototypes within a few weeks.


ADL's German engineering, design and assembly team ensures high quality and reliable IPC boards and systems from the ground up...


When it comes to adapting systems or boards, this is one of the biggest advantages of ADL. We offer modified or complete customized designs based on the individual needs of our customers.


Modular expansion options are the basis of every ADL board or system solution. We respect the change in customer needs with predefined migration paths.

ADL EPC Systems

Item Code Description
Preconfigured Systems Optimized for IoT mobile computing (gateway), networking, and communications.

ADL MES Systems

Item Code Description
Modular Systems Designed to withstand any environment for MIL-STD and rugged industrial applications.


Item Code Description
Vision Systems ADL is well versed in all aspects of embedded vision design… high-speed framegrabbers, storage, processing, system design and thermal management.

Custom Systems

Item Code Description
Custom Systems We address unique customer requirements for I/O, mechanical, or environmental applications.