• In-line RS232 to Isolated RS232 or RS232 to Isolated RS485 Transceiver
  • 1kV DC Isolation for 1 second; 500V AC/ 60Hz Isolation for 1 minute
  • Supports Data Rates up to 250Kbps in Isolated RS232 and Isolated RS485
  • Board Dimensions: 40mm x 26mm (1.6” x 1.0”)
  • Can be Ruggedized for Harsh Environments


The ADLCOM-ISOL in-line isolated transceiver, available in two models, for RS232 and RS485 provides peace of mind when faced with using a computer system in electrically noisy or unstable environments. With isolation of 500V AC / 60Hz for 1 minute and 1kV DC isolation for 1 second, you can rest assured that the ADLCOM-ISOL has the ability to catch many transients from the outside world that could do catastrophic damage to an embedded computer investment. The ADLCOM-ISOL also provides a means of simple and effective isolation of standard serial ports without the need to add another board to your embedded system.

The ADLCOM-ISOL is ideal for use in Automotive, Railway, Automation, and many other applications where protection from transient voltages is a must when connecting to the outside world. The ADLCOM-ISOL can also be ruggedized for harsh environments. Two convenient mounting holes are provided for ease of installation. At just 40mm x 26mm (1.6” x 1.0”), the ADLCOMISOL will mount in tight spaces in most enclosures or environments.

Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
ADLCOM-ISOL1 299941 RS232 Isolation Transceiver
ADLCOM-ISOL2 299942 RS232 to RS485 Isolation Transceiver
Cabels & Accessoires    
ADL2MM-COM 100-9735 Unshielded Cable, 9-Pin D-Sub to 2MM Latching
ADL2MM-485 100-9900 Shielded Cable ADLCOM 9-Pin D-Sub to 2MM Latching
ADL2MM-ISOL 100-9901 Shielded Cable ADLCOM pass-thru 2mm - 2mm Latch
ADLIDC-ISOL 100-9902 Shielded Cable ADLCOM pass-thru 2.54mm - 2mm Latch