CPU: Intel® Celeron™-M, Core™Duo  (Merom) 
CPU Choice: T2500, T7400
Chipset: Intel® 945GME (Calistoga) ICH7
 onboard Connectors
RAM: Up to 2GB DDR2 667MHz
LAN: 1x GbLAN Intel 82573L, 1x Fast Ethernet 82562EZ
Graphic: VGA/DVI/LVDS (18bit)
USB: 6x USB 2.0
COM: 2x COM RS232 plus 1x LPT
ISA: no additional PC/104 
PCI: 1x PC/104-plus (PCI) 
PCI-Express: no additional PCIe/104
Storage: 2x SATA (3Gb/s) (RAID 0/1) plus 1x PATA 44 Pin
Storage: no additional Storage
PCIe Expansion: no additional PCIe Expansion
Audio: 1x Audio AC97
GPIO: no additional GPIO
TPM: no additional TPM
Temp Std.:  -20° to +70°C
Temp Ext.:  -40° to +85°C (option upon request)
PSU DC Input: Single Rail 5V
SBC Formfactor PCI-104
PCIe/104 Typ: no PCIe/104 Typ
Dimension: 96mm x 115,5mm (3.8" x 4,5")
Weight: 108gr


The ADL945PC is based on the Intel® Core™2 Duo / Core™Duo / Core™Solo Processors, with clock speeds up to 2.16GHz, and the Intel® 945GM chipset. The Intel® Generation 3.5 graphics engine is integrated into the chipset, along with the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (Intel® GMA 950), and can drive either a CRT and/or LVDS LCD.

The memory is added by way of a SODIMM200 socket and can accept up to two Gigabytes of DDR2 DRAM. The ADL945PC power management incorporates ACPI/APM functions. The standard ADL945PC also incorporates PCI/104 Bus, EIDE, 4xUSB 2.0, 2xRS232 COM ports, PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse, parallel printer, AC97 Sound (0°C to +70°C only), separate 10/100Mbit and Gigabit LAN, and more.

ADL Embedded Solutions offers highly effective active and passive cooling solutions based on proven thermal data and mounting techniques; resulting in the least possible mechanical board stress. Please contact your Sales Engineer for detailed information on cooling solutions to fit your needs.

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Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
ADL945PC-T7400 292115 Dual Core (2) 2.16GHz, 4M cache
ADL945PC-L7400 292116 Dual Core (2) 1.5GHz, 4M cache
ADL945PC-L2400 292113 Dual Core 1.66GHz, 2M cache
DDR2-DRAM1024-(V) 996050 1024MB 666MHz 200pin SODIMM
DDR2-DRAM2048-(V) 996150 2048MB 666MHz 200pin SODIMM
DDR2-DRAM1024-EX-(V) 996051 DDR2 RAM 1GB, for 945/Atom CPU, 667MHz, Extended Temperature
DDR2-DRAM2048-EX-(V) 996150 DDR2 RAM 2GB, for 945/Atom CPU, 667MHz, Extended Temperature
Thermal solutions    
ADLTS2HSS 292054 2 piece heat sink set for ADL855/945PC
ADLTS2HSS-FAN 293057 fan for ADLTS2HSS thermal solution
ADLTS2PIPE 293054 heat pipe solution for ADL855/945PC
SPREADER-FANSINK SINGLE 292415M-SET heat sink with single fan assembly fpr ADL855/945/GS45PC to be mounted on top of ADL SP0600/SP1000 typical bench- & development usw only!
ADL945PC-SP0600 293162 0.6" heat spreader for chassis mount, suggest QTY 4 293406
ADL945PC-SP1000 293163 1.0" heat spreader for chassis mount, suggest QTY 4 91075A107
CS-100 290010 10"x10" thermal chassis simulator for development
Cables & Accessoires    
ADL945PC-CK 293046 Development cable kit for for ADL945PC
ADL9XX-PC 100-9812 ADL power cable for ADL945
ADL-ET 290000 Extended Temperature Screening (–40C to +85C)
UNDERFILL 807707 BGA underfill req’d for <1nm BGA solderballs w/ Ext Temp
COATING 807706 Conformal Coating
UNDERFILL/BONDING/COATING 807709 Underfilling, Bonding, and Conformal Coating
Driver   Click here
ADLSST   Not available