CPU: Intel® Celeron™-M, Pentium™M  (Dothan) 
CPU Choice: Celeron-M373CM, Pentium-M 745PM
Chipset: Intel® 855GME Montara ICH4
RAM: Up to 2GB DDR 333MHz (Optional ECC)
LAN: 1x GbLAN Intel 82541ER, 1x Fast Ethernet 82562EZ
Graphic: DVI 1600x1200 VGA/CRT
USB: USB 4x 2.0
COM: 1x COM RS232
PSU Input: PSU not onboard, external option
 Internal-Connectors (SBC onboard)
LAN: No additional LAN
Graphic: 1x LVDS (18/24) via 30pin flat-cable Option
USB: 1x USB2.0 via JST Option
Storage: 2x PATA 44Pin
Storage: No additional Storage
Serial COM: 3x COM RS232 via JST Option
Audio: 1x  Audio via JST Option
I/O Expansion: 1x Mini-PCI (Typ III Socket)
PCIe Expansion: No additional PCIe
GPIO: 1x GPIO (16) via JST Option
TPM: No additional TPM
Temp Std.:  -20° to +70°C
Temp Ext.:  -40° to +85°C (option upon request)
PSU DC Input: Single Voltage 5V, 5VS (12V optional for FAN)
PSU Features: No additional S-UPS
SBC Formfactor 3.5"-SBC 
Dimension: 102mm x 147mm (4" x 5.8")
Weight: 134gr


The ADL855HD is based on the Intel® Pentium® M / Celeron® M processors offering clock rates up to 1.8GHz. The Intel® 855GME chipset (GMCH) supports a 400MHz FSB with integrated Intel® Graphics controller “Extreme Graphics 2“. It can drive either a DVI/ CRT or LVDS LCD. The memory is added via 2x SODIMM200 sockets and can accept up to 2 Gigabytes of DDR333 SDRAM.

The ADL855HD power management incorporates ACPI/APM functions, which utilizes Intel's Advanced SpeedStep® (Pentium® M only) feature. The standard ADL855PC also incorporates Mini-PCI Bus, EIDE, 6xUSB 2.0, 4xRS232 COM ports, PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse, ELO Touch Screen (COM4), AC97 Sound, separate 10/100MBit and 10/100/100 Mbit Ethernet LAN, hardware monitoring and more.

ADL Embedded Solutions offer highly effective active and passive cooling solutions based on proven thermal data and mounting techniques; resulting in the least possible mechanical board stress. Please contact your Sales Engineer for detailed information on cooling solutions to fit your needs.

Note: On the basis of its current material planning, ADL Embedded Solutions guarantees product availability for the 855GME chipset, Pentium-M 745 1.8GHz and Celeron-M 373 1.0GHz processors until 2015, thus providing sufficient time for customers to transition from the 16-bit ISA bus to newer interconnect technologies. The Celeron-M at 600MHz and 1.5Ghz, and the Pentium-M at 1.4GHz processors will undergo normal last time buy process when EOL is announced by Intel. 

Please contact your sales representative for more information

Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
ADL855HD-373CM 294048 CELERON M 373 CPU, 1.0GHz, 512k CACHE
ADL855HD-745PM 294045 PENTIUM M 745 CPU 1.8GHZ 2M CACHE
DDR-DRAM256-3 994825 256MB DDR 333MHz STD TEMP
DDR-DRAM512-3 994925 512MB DDR 333MHz STD TEMP
Thermal solutions    
ADL855HD-SPREADER 294840 heat spreader for chassis mount ADL855HD
ADL35-BBHS 294152 large heat sink for ADLXXXHD CPU's
ADL35-LFAN 294154 large fan for ADL35-BBHS
ADL35-SOSET 294156 stand off set for ADL35-BBHS & LFAN
CS-100 290010 10"x10" thermal chassis simulator for development
Cabels & Accessoires    
ADL855HD-CK 293048 Development cable kit for ADL855HD
ADL-TTLOPT 294001 COM Port conversion from RS232 tO TTL
ADL-ET 290000 Extended Temperature Screening (–40C to +85C)
UNDERFILL 807707 BGA underfill req’d for <1nm BGA solderballs w/ Ext Temp
COATING 807706 Conformal Coating
UNDERFILL/BONDING/COATING 807709 Underfilling, Bonding, and Conformal Coating
Driver   Click here
ADLSST   Not yet available