• 10” X 10” X 1/2” Thermal Chassis Simulator
  • Run Fanless in a Development Environment
  • Simulates “Real World” Thermal Dissipation on the Benchtop
  • Precision Milled Standoffs for 0.600” and 1.000” Clearance
  • K-100 Powder Cast, Precision Milled Aluminum
  • Universal Mount Pattern Supports all ADL Thermal Solutions
  • Compatible with both M3 and 4-40 Hardware
  • Represents an Aluminum Enclosure of 200sq in. Surface Area


The CS-100 is a 100in.sq. collapsed chassis that is used to provide a thermal mass and radiative cooling surface for passive cooling of ADL Embedded Solutions CPUs. Drilled with ADL Embedded Solutions universal mounting pattern, the CS-100 is compatible with all ADL Embedded Solutions PC/104 heat spreaders and pipes, regardless of the CPU upon which they are mounted. The included contains both M3 and 4-40 hardware, as well as precision standoffs to support 0.600" or 1.000" clearance spreader solutions.

Constructed from Blanchard-ground powder-cast plate aluminum, the surface flatness is better than 0.001" across the entire face. The anodizing gives the unit a basic emissivity of 0.75 or better, and represents the radiative area of an aluminum enclosure with 200sq.in. of surface area. Recording the reported CPU temperature, plate temperature and ambient temperature, the thermal performance reference for your specific application can be easily determined, and critical decisions about the radiative surface area of your enclosure can be readily answered and tested against this reference.

The CS-100 is also deployed as a development platform for proof of concept passive cooling systems. The extra hole-pairs around the perimeter are linked by a recessed groove on the back of the CS-100. In combination with nylon zipties, these hole-pairs make convenient strain-relief attachment points for the interface cables from your mounted PC/104 CPU. Keeping your cables neat and preventing undue harm to the connectors on the PC/104 motherboard, the CS-100 becomes the centerpiece of your passive prototyping experience.

Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
CS-100 290010 10” X 10” X 1/2” Thermal Chassis Simulator