• Choice out of fully pre-configured PCIe/104 stacked setups:
    • CPU: ADL PCIe/104 Intel QuadCore Core i7-4700EQ (onboard mSATA SSD upon request)
    • RAM: 8GB DDR3L
    • CXP: 1 or 2 pcs. 2-CH CoaXPress PCIe/104 Peripheral Cards (HSP, Cables, Brakout-PCB optional)
    • PSU: ADL PCIe/104 150W 5V, 5VSB, 12V DC-Output, 14-16VDC Input
  • Single Card
    •  2-CH CoaXPress PCIe/104 Peripheral Card (HSP, Brakout-PCB: optional)
      • Rugged, Small Form Factor PCIe/104 Design (96mm x 115mm)
      • 1,250 MB/s Camera Bandwidth
      • 2x CXP-6 DIN 1.0/2.3 Female Connectors
      • PoCXP Safe Power: 17W from Regulated 24VDC Output Per Port
      • Breakout 26-pin D-sub CXP System I/O with 12V Out
      • GENICAM Compliant
      • Euresys Memento Event Logging Tool
      • Expandable to 2x Dual-Port CXP-6 Modules
      • LEDs: A/B Status, FPGA Status, Board Status
      • C2C Link for Card to Card Link
      • -20C to +70C Operation; Optional -40C to +85C
      • Includes: 2x DIN cables
      • Suitable for MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 461, MIL-STD 704, MIL-STD 1275


The ADLVIS-1660 Dual CXP-6 is a rugged, small form factor (SFF) CoaXPress solution intended for military and industrial applications. It’s a two-board PCIe/104 solution featuring a Quad Intel i7-4700EQ processor with a dual CXP-6 module using the x16 PCIe/104 bus resulting is a stunning 1,250 MB/s effective camera bandwidth.The ADLVIS-1660 features include small outline coaxial cabling for DIN1.0/2.3 connectors optimized for SFF design. It supports PoCXP, is GENICAM compliant and includes Euresys Memento event logging for efficient application software development. A second CXP-6 module can easily be added to support four 1xCXP-6 cameras or two 2xCXP-6 cameras.The ADLVIS-1660 targets rugged, Small Form Factor high-performance vision solutions in a host of military and industrial environments. It enables very high-definition applications as well as high-framerate applications in less than ideal environments for security and surveillance, traffic management, science, machine vision and a vast range of next-generation vision products.

Applications: Hyperspectral Imaging, Traffic Surveillance, Security Monitoring and Control, Unmanned Systems – High-Resolution Image/Video Capture, High-Speed Automated Optical Inspection, Very High-Resolution Line-Scan Image Acquisition, Military and Defense ISR, High Frame-Rate Motion Analysis and Recording.

Set Illustration

Single Cards

Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
ADLVIS-1660-SET1 tbd. PCIe/104 Stack, including CPU, PSU (w. HSP), 1x 2-CH CXP6 Card
ADLVIS-1660-SET2 tbd. PCIe/104 Stack, including CPU, PSU (w. HSP), 2x 2-CH CXP6 Card
Single Cards    
ADLQM87PC-4700EQ 292750 4th Gen Intel i7 Quadcore CPU(4x 2.4GHz, max. Turbo 3.4GHz)
CPU onboard mSATA SSD tbd. Different Sizes and Flash Types availalbe! (SLC, MLC). Pls call for further details
2-CH CXP6 CARD tbd. PCIe/104 2-CH CXP6 Peripheral Card
ADLPS104-150-12 293033 ADLPS104-150-12, 5V, 5VS, 12V, 3,3V, ET
Thermal Solutions    
CXP6 CARD HSP tbd. CXP6 Card Heatspreader for chassis mount
ADLQM87PC-SP0600 292760M 0.6" heat spreader (cu enhanced) for ADLQM87PC
ADLQM87PCPC-SP1000 292761M 1.0" heat spreader (cu enhanced) for ADLQM87PC
ADLPS104-150-HSP 293034 ADLPS104-150-HSP Heat spreader for -40C to +85C operation; hardware kit included
Cables & Accessories    
ADLCXP-I/O tbd. Breakout Board w/ DB25 CXP GPIO and LED Activity
ADLQM87PC-CK 292770 Development cable kit for ADLQM87PC (W/O SATA,GPIO,USB3,HDMI, DVI,DISPLAY PORT)
STANDOFF-MSS 293406 standoff 0.6" (15,24mm) PC/104 M3, QTY 1 precision milled
STANDOFF-1"M3 293436 standoff 1.0" (25,40 mm) PC/104 M3, QTY 1 precision
MEMENTO EVENT LOGGING TOOL n.a. Included for free, with each CXP Peripheral Card