• Linux-Based, Command Line Health Monitor Utility
  • Output Board Data Including Serial Number, BIOS Version, PIC Firmware, etc.
  • Output DTS CPU Temperature Data
  • Output Temperature Data from other Board Locations
  • Output Power Supply Voltages
  • Output UPS Data if Available
  • Datalogging Feature
  • Heatsink Verification Function


The ADLSST System Sensor Technology utility brings to the Linux environment the same type of CPU health monitor functions that have previously been readily available only in the Windows environment.

ADLSST is a critical tool for designers and engineers that allows monitoring of all key CPU voltages and temperatures which are key to optimizing performance, while staying within the allowed CPU operating parameters. For customers doing their own thermal solution installation, a heatsink verification function is included to test for proper heatsink installation.

Other data available includes UPS, board serial number, firmware revision, BIOS revision, operating history, and datalogging which can help with documentation and technical support issues.

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