• 4Ch, LVDS conversion to 18/24-Bit TTL
  • Compatible with most 18/24 Bit Flat panels
  • I2C for storing panel information
  • Power connection with +5VDC and +12VDC
  • PC/104 Stack mountable with mounting plate
  • Compatible only with ADL Embedded Solutions SBC's


The ADLLVDSTTL converts 4-channel LVDS into 18/24 – bit TTL for use with TTL compatible flat panel displays. Its compact size will allow it to be mounted in almost any location with an enclosure. The mounting holes match the same mounting as the ADLCFII- xx series so it may also be PC/104 stack mounted when used with the ADL Embedded Solutions multi-function mounting adapter. The ADLLVDSTTL also provides input for +12V and +5V for various flat panel configurations. When used with an ADL Embedded Solutions PC/104 series board, connection of the ADLLVDSTTL is as easy as plugging in the pin-for-pin interface cable.

Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
ADLLVDSTTL 299915 LVDS to TTL converter board for ADL CPU's (not in stack)
Cabels & Accessoires    
ADLLVDS 100-9710 ADLLVDSTTL cable to ADL CPU'S (QTY1, may need 2)
2.5”/CFII-CP 201-2500 2.5" HD/SD and CF-II-S PC/104 mounting plate