• Accepts Type I and II and IDE CF modules
  • Small size card (2.36”W x 2.0”L x .77”H)
  • Full Range Capacity in CF to 8GB and beyond
  • 44pin IDE hard drive cable compatible
  • Remote mounting configuration


An interface board developed to allow CompactFlash$trade; cards Type I & II or a IBM MicrodriveTM to be used as storage devices on an IDE interface. It takes advantage of the "true IDE" mode of a CompactFlash™ Card and enable it to operate as a IDE hard disk drive. The adapter is small and designed to mount where convenient for use with embedded systems. The result is that a system can support removable solid state mass storage. It can also come with locking headers and latching ejectors.

CF Benefits

  • Resistant to dirt, shock, vibration & temperature
  • Low power consumption
  • No acoustic noise
  • Proven reliability
  • Fast startup time – no spin-up
  • High transfer rate

Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
ADLCF-II-S 989010 CF to IDE Type II single adapter, not for stack
ADLCF-II-D 989020 CF to IDE Type II dual adapter, not for stack
Option E 989110 Opt. Ejector added to ADLCF-II (one)
Option LE 989120 Opt. Latching Ejector added to ADLCF-II (one)
Option LH 989130 Opt. Locking IDE cable header added to ADLCF-II
Option E-D 989140 Opt. Ejector added to ADLCF-II (for 2nd on dual version)
Option LE-D 989150 Opt. Latching Ejector added to ADLCF-II (for 2nd on dual)