• Adapts latest M.2 (Key-B) PCIe x1 Lane to legacy mPCIe expansion Cards
  • Compatible with 1/2 size and fullsize mPCIe Cards
  • Compatible with third-party mPCIe Boards (like WiFi, 3G WWAN and others)
  • Optional with Conformal Coating
  • Temperature Range –40C - +85C


With the new PCIe M.2 formfactor ADL Embedded Solutions offers the latest and advanced expansion technology onboard of the ADLE3800HDC. But in many cases there are already well supported older legacy peripheral cards in mPCIe style out at the makets. For this vast ecosystem of existing expansion cards ADL Embedded Solutions designed and produced a specialized typ of Adapter card.

This new ADL1001 M.2 to mPCIe Adapter brings back legacy mPCIe to the modern M.2 Key-B socket. Already tested and approved cards are actual WiFi and BT (BLE) devices. For WWAN without onboard SIM Card or without embedded SIM (eSIM) an additional SIM-Card Reader will be required. The ADL Adapter card can be equipped with both size types – to common ½ size and fullsize mPCIe cards.

The Conformal Coating option and operation in wide temperature makes the ADL1001 a perfect choice for rugged Applications in harsh enviroments. The advanced size and screw-mount of this ADL Adapter is matched to a standard M.2 2280 sized socket. All required voltages and signals to operate the mPCIe card are taken from the M.2 host-socket – so no additional cabeling is required.

M.2 socket side Adapter with mounted WiFi mPCIe 1/2 size Card mPCIe socket side

Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
ADL1001 ADL1001 M.2 (Key-B) to mPCIe Adapter