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Location: Hall 7, Booth 406 / Messe Nuremberg, Germany

About the SPS IPC DRIVES Show

The entire bandwidth of smart digital automation awaits you at the Beckhoff exhibition booth. As an innovation generator known for out-of-the-box thinking in the automatic industry, Beckhoff has frequently provided for surprises at the SPS with innovations that are regarded today as milestones in automation technology. In keeping with this reputation, you can expect to see novelties at the Beckhoff booth once again this year that will drive the automation industry and the digital transformation forwards: from the XPlanar transport system with free-floating movers and system-integrated machine learning functions to the new highly efficient IPC generation. Besides innovative technologies, we will also present extensions to the existing range of product families: with an eye to our customer’s requirements always exactly scalable in terms of performance, design and price.

Visit us in Hall 7, Booth 406.HALL #7 - BOOTH  406


XPlanar: flying motion for intelligent product transport

With XPlanar, Beckhoff shows a transport system at SPS that sets new benchmarks: free-floating planar movers move jerk-free and without contact at up to 4 m/s over planar tiles arranged in an arbitrary layout. Travelling magnetic fields provide for exact and highly dynamic positioning. The result: maximum freedom in product transport, maximum flexibility in positioning and optimized machine and plant design.

TwinCAT Machine Learning: scalable, open and in real time

On Booth 406 in Hall 7 we will show you how to take the next step in machine optimization: With TwinCAT 3 Machine Learning, Beckhoff now integrates machine learning (ML) into the overall control system. For training purposes, the use of established frameworks such as MATLAB®, TensorFlow, PyTorch, SciKit Learn, and others is possible. A trained model can be exported in a standardized format (ONNX) and executed in the TwinCAT runtime. This opens up optimization potential and new possibilities in predictive maintenance, process control or automated quality control.
TwinCAT Machine Learning

TwinCAT Analytics One-Click Dashboard

With just one click to the Analytics Dashboard: At SPS 2019 Beckhoff will show you how to achieve these dramatic time savings. Where previously several hundred clicks and work steps were required for HMI design, the new TwinCAT Analytics One-Click Dashboard (OCD) now reduces this process to a single click. The Analytics configuration not only automatically generates PLC code for continuous machine monitoring, but also the associated dashboard showing the analysis results in an individual design including specific controls and language switching.
TwinCAT Analytics

Performance leap: IPCs now with new processor generation

Experience the performance leap of the Beckhoff Industrial PCs with three new processor generations at the SPS:

  • Intel Atom® processors of the x-E39xx series with up to four processor cores
  • Intel® Core™ i U 8th generation processors with up to four cores
  • Intel® Core™ i 9th generation processors with up to eight cores

The Beckhoff IPC portfolio now includes five performance classes. The range from ARM Cortex™ to Intel® Xeon® with up to 40 processor cores is completed by the resource-saving and fanless ultra-compact Industrial PC C6025 with Intel® Core™ i U.
Industrial PCs

New entry-level class with 400 MHz processor: CX7000

With the CX7000 Embedded PC, the convenient and powerful world of TwinCAT 3 is now also available for small controllers. The scalability of PC-based control technology from Beckhoff is increased again – from the mini PLC through to the many-core Industrial PC. An advanced 400 MHz processor and integrated, configurable I/Os provide an optimum price-performance ratio. See for yourself: We will present the CX7000 in detail at SPS.

EtherCAT G: ultimate I/O speed with up to 10,000 Mbit/s

At the SPS 2019, Beckhoff presents a fieldbus solution designed for high-performance machines and highly complex applications: EtherCAT G. Building on the principle of the successful EtherCAT technology, it makes speeds of 1 Gbit/s or 10 Gbit/s available. Both performance levels can be used as system-compliant supplements to the EtherCAT technology. For this purpose, the branch concept enables the integration of 100 Mbit/s EtherCAT segments and reduces the propagation delay times in large networks through parallel processing of the segments.
EtherCAT G

Main information

Beckhoff main booth:

  • Hall 7, Booth 406

Beckhoff at partner booths:

  • Amazon Web Services:
    Hall 6, Booth 141
  • EtherCAT Technology Group:
    Hall 5, Booth 310
  • Intel:
    Hall 5, Booth 260
  • Microsoft:
    Hall 5, Booth 338
  • PLCopen:
    Hall 5, Booth 148
  • PNO:
    Hall 5, Booth 210
  • Open Industry 4.0 Alliance:
    Hall 5, Booth 160

Opening hours:

  • Tuesday – Wednesday:
    9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Thursday:
    9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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