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Interactive Automation Days 2020

Location: Digital / Online

Interactive Automation Days: Meet our experts – discover our innovations

Even more exciting technology, even more valuable information, even more direct discussion – and even closer contact with our PC-based control experts! As a supplement to our appearance at the SPS Connect 2020, we cordially invite you to a completely new, highly attractive event format: our Interactive Automation Days.

What awaits you? A live-stream program that is full to the brim and illustrates all facets of PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology with even greater intensity in vivid formats rich in dialog. Whether lecture or roundtable, chaired technology presentation or Q&A live session: The most experienced Beckhoff experts are at your disposal for direct dialog for three whole days.




Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Flexible and modular automation

03:00 p.m. 25 years of Bus Terminals, a revolutionary idea became a fundamental element of automation
Michael Jost | Senior Product Manager I/O systems and EtherCAT
03:25 p.m. PC-based control: first steps into the Beckhoff system
Béla Höfig | Product Management TwinCAT
Fabio Innocenti | Product Management Industrial PC
Irina Koring | Product Management I/O
03:50 p.m. The ultra-compact Industrial PC generation
Felix Wildemann | Product Management Industrial PC
04:15 p.m. Compact, strong, reliable: the Beckhoff power supplies
Christian Jürgenhake | Product Management I/O

Product update

05:00 p.m. I/O product innovations and extensions
Michael Jost | Senior Product Manager I/O systems and EtherCAT
Sina Sampl | Product Management I/O

Research & Development

05:25 p.m GAIA-X, the data space for digital Industrie 4.0?
Gerd Hoppe | Corporate Management

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Innovative and smart automation

03:00 p.m. XPlanar: Flying Motion
Felix Schulte | Product Management XPlanar
03:25 p.m. TwinCAT Machine Learning: scalable, open and in real-time
Dr.-Ing. Fabian Bause | Product Manager TwinCAT
03:50 p.m. TwinCAT Vision: integrates image processing into the automation
Michael Busch | Product Manager TwinCAT Vision
04:15 p.m. TwinCAT/BSD: Operating system for Industrial PCs
Heiko Wilke | Product Manager Embedded PC
Jannis Höwelkröger | Product Specialist Embedded PC
05:00 p.m. Implementing intelligent operator interface concepts in Industrie 4.0 environments using IPC platforms with integrated cloud communications
Roland van Mark | Senior Product Manager Industrial PC
Dr.-Ing. Josef Papenfort | Senior Product Manager TwinCAT

Product update

05:25 p.m. Product innovations and extensions for the drive technology range
Dirk Hansen | Senior Product Manager Drive Technology
Sven Arne Lange | Product Manager Drive Technology
Christian Mische | Senior Product Manager Drive Technology
Michael Pfister | Senior Product Manager Drive Technology
Angela Vogt | Product Management Drive Technology

Customer services

05:50 p.m. By engineers for engineers: the Beckhoff sales team
Stefan Sieber | Sales
Kai Ristau | Head of International Sales and Business Development

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Product update

03:00 p.m. Product innovations and extensions for the Industrial PC range
Roland van Mark | Senior Product Manager Industrial PC
Fabio Innocenti | Product Management Industrial PC

Cloud- and data-based automation

03:25 p.m. Smart engineering directly in the cloud: TwinCAT Cloud Engineering
Sven Goldstein | Product Manager TwinCAT Connectivity & IoT
03:50 p.m. TwinCAT Analytics: from data acquisition to one-click dashboard
Pascal Dresselhaus | Product Manager TwinCAT
04:15 p.m. The TwinCAT Module Type Package: standardized interfaces for modular systems
Dr.-Ing. Henning Mersch | Product Manager TwinCAT
Laurids Wetzel | Branch Management Process Industry

Dynamic and safe automation

05:00 p.m. The new generation of highly dynamic linear servomotors
Andreas Golf | Senior Product Manager Drive Technology
Angela Vogt | Product Management Drive Technology
05:25 p.m. Compact Drive Technology: the new generation of servo terminals
Dieter Lippe | Product Management I/O
Marvin Düsterhus | Technical Support
05:50 p.m. TwinSAFE: Product innovations and extensions for the safety range
Dr. rer. nat. Martin Früchtl | Safety Technology


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