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G+D and ADL: The way to secure IoT (IIoT)

Paving the way to secure digital transformation of manufacturing: Secure IoT (IIoT) Connection from G+D and ADL

Paving the way to secure digital transformation of manufacturing: Secure IoT (IIoT) Connection from G+D and ADL

Technology cooperation between Giesecke + Devrient Mobile Security and ADL Embedded Solutions makes secure solutions for networking of industrial machines available.

Siegen, 22.02.2018 ADL Embedded Solutions GmbH, a leading manufacturer of industrial embedded PC solutions
for use in harsh environments, announces the technology cooperation with Giesecke + Devrient Mobile Security.
Thanks to the concentrated know-how of G+D Mobile Security and ADL, customers now have the security to know
that the IIOT's infrastructures are equipped to deal with future threats.

From 27.Feb. to 01.Mar. G+D and ADL are exhibiting at the
Embedded World 2018, this comprehensive IIoT and SCADA security solutions
in hardware and software:


CPS Remote
CPS Protect


CPS Remote
CPS Protect

„Security Option“

Crypto Core

The safety challenge:
Current status of cyber protection of industrial machines
  • Typically no security updates and
    / or patches for industrial PCs.

  • No third level protection similar to antivirus
    'software or a software firewall on industrial PCs
    due to unwanted system side effects such as
    bluescreens or loss of warranty.In addition,
    the safety lifecycle and update frequency are
    too short for the safety requirements in production.

  • Predefined passwords are usually not changed,
    although it is crucial for security that passwords
    are formulated individually and changed regularly.

  • Even an operating system that is ten years old
    or older and seems solid at first glance, but to which
    no patches have been applied, is vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • As digitalisation progresses, more and more machines
    are becoming visible on the Internet. For example,
    the machine type and the version of the operating system
    can be seen. But whoever is visible is also vulnerable.

  • Industrial networks are becoming increasingly complex.
    And this complexity creates back doors that are easy
    to open. Attacks are usually made at the weakest point
    of a network or system.

  • Usually there are no rules for the concept-integrated security
    of PCs in manufacturing. If such rules exist, they are often
    inadequate or rarely standardized.

  • In addition, the effectiveness of security measures and tools
    decreases over time. Retrofitting is difficult and safety
    can only be provided at short notice.
From reactive to proactive:
Active cyber protection for industrial systems and environments

The G+D Security Suite, Active Cyber Protection, protects systems and environments from cyber attacks.
It makes devices invisible to the outside world without interfering with machines, medical devices, systems or processes.

The characteristics of G+D's active cyber protection are divided into multiple defense lines (in software and hardware):
The modular G+D components: CPS Remote, CPS Protect and the Crypto Core SSD are the latest hardware components,
which have emerged from the long-standing positive cooperation with ADL Embedded Solutions.

Intelligent, safe, disruptive:
Visibility solution awarded best emerging & disruptive technology by G+D


In 2016, G+D Mobile Security's Secure Industrial Visibility solution
was named Best Emerging & Disruptive Technology / Platform
at the Juniper - Future Digital Awards.
G+D Mobile Security has unparalleled experience in providing authentication
and security solutions for key business processes. With its Secure Industrial
Visibility solution, the company offers an innovative tool to a sector
where critical infrastructure protection will be critical in the future." (Juniper Research, 2016)


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