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Medical Design & Outsourcing: Tackling the IoT Big 3: Latency, Security and Obsolescence in Industrial and Medtech

Medical and industrial IoT is an evolving and alluring option for users —one that holds great promise for plans to pull medtech into Industry 4.0. Proponents of the technology say automation and data exchange will transform manufacturing floors into smart factories and help hospitals make the transition to efficiency and economy – without sacrificing care.

With regard to IoT devices, however, there are some challenges in how these devices fit into the overall infrastructure. JC Ramirez, director of engineering and product management at ADL Embedded Solutions, said it’s a mistake to think of industrial and medical in the same terms of IoT that you might think about commercial IoT. For Ramirez, industrial IoT is more about controlling the infrastructure and monitoring remote equipment.

Latency is a big issue, Ramirez said, one that doesn’t translate from commercial use. For example, updates and patches for those applications needs to happen quickly and predictably. “I don’t care if my refrigerator takes 10 hours or 10 minutes to update, but when it comes to manufacturing equipment, the systems must be reliable 24/7.”

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