Expansion / Peripheral NEWS! PCIe/104 and M.2: CAN and CAN-FD Industrial Grade Controller Cards

Embedded World returns to Nuremberg on 26-28 February 2019!

ADL is proud to present solutions of the leading CAN technology provider PEAK-System Technik GmbH.
ADL SBC compatible form factors M.2 and PCIe/104 with up to 4 interfaces per controller!

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The technology company PEAK-System from Darmstadt, Germany has expanded its CAN FD product line with the PCAN-M.2 Four Channel. Thanks to the mounted expansion board on the main board, four CAN FD channels are available for computers. Connection to CAN buses is made using the supplied connection cables with D-Sub connector. Each CAN FD channel can transmit a maximum of 64 data bytes of a CAN FD frame at bit rates of 20 kbit/s up to 12 Mbit/s. Each channel is also galvanically isolated up to 300 volts and can be terminated.

PCAN-PCI/104-Express FD

PCAN-PCI/104-Express FD is now available as single, dual, and four-channel version. Up to four cards can be stacked for access to CAN and CAN FD networks. The connection to the CAN bus is made via the D-Sub slot brackets included in the delivery. Stack-through connectors for the PCI bus are supplied on request.

The PCAN-PCI/104-Express FD reaches bit rates up to 12 Mbit/s for CAN FD frames. The galvanic isolation between the computer and the CAN side is 500 Volts. Furthermore, a 5-Volt supply for external devices and an internal termination for each CAN channel can be activated via solder bridges. Beside the hardware, there is also a product DVD with the CAN monitor PCAN-View, several APIs, and device drivers for Linux and Windows.

Based on the PCI/104 form factor, compact and ruggedized solutions for industrial PCs and embedded systems exposed to harsh environments can be realized. Therefore, the PCAN-PCI/104-Express FD is well suited for applications such as medical and instrumentation technology, industrial control, aerospace, and military as well as construction vehicles. In addition, the card can be integrated on the form factors EPIC Express and EBX Express.

Meet PEAK at the Embedded World 2019:


About PEAK-System Technik GmbH:

Founded in 1999, PEAK-System is a leading provider of hardware, software, and services for the mobile and industrial communication sector with emphasis on the field buses CAN and LIN. 


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