Expansion / Peripheral NEWS! PCIe/104 CameraLink & USB3.0

Embedded World returns to Nuremberg on 26-28 February 2019!

ADL is pleased to confirm that our Technology Partner Active Silicon will be presenting their
latest PCIe/104 products at our booth!

Hall 1 / Booth 1-554
Embedded World 2019

You will be able to see the Phoenix PCI/104e Camera Link frame grabber and FireBird Quad USB 3.0 Host Controller. The frame grabbers include the ActiveDMA technology which transfers data directly to PC memory without any host CPU intervention, offering faster processing for data acquired from a variety of Camera Link sources, including digital frame capture and line scan cameras. The host controller uniquely configures each pair of its four USB 3.0 ports to use a single lane Gen2 PCI Express interface, thereby eliminating inconsistencies resulting from shared bandwidth.



a PCI/104-Express board for the acquisition of digital data from a variety of Camera Link sources, including digital frame capture and line scan cameras. It supports all the formats of the Base and Medium configurations, i.e. single 8 to 16 bit data, through 12 bit RGB, to four tap 12 bit sources, as well as dual Base configuration, i.e. acquisition from two asynchronous Base cameras.

FireBird Quad USB 3.0 Host Controller

supports four USB 3.0 ports arranged as two ports per host controller with each controller having its own PCI Express x1 Gen2 interface to give a combined total data throughput of 10 Gbps. The USB 3.0 Host Controllers used are the proven Renesas™ μPD720202.

Many USB 3.0 Host Controllers found on motherboards and processor modules share bandwidth with other devices typically resulting in inconsistent performance in demanding applications such as high-speed acquisition from USB3 Vision cameras. The FireBird Quad USB 3.0 Host Controller solves this problem by configuring each pair of USB 3.0 ports to use a single lane Gen2 PCI Express interface. Similarly this architecture provides a balance between cost and performance – so that two USB 3.0 devices may operate simultaneously at full bandwidth, or four devices operating simultaneously sharing the combined bandwidth of two full speed links. The board incorporates a dedicated power supply for USB to ensure reliable device operation independent of the main system power supply. The output is set to 5.1V to compensate for voltage drop along long reach USB3 cables.

Software support is based on the proven Renesas™ driver stack which provides the high throughput required by USB3 Vision cameras.  Combined with the GenICam standard, these international vision standards in turn provide compatibility with a wealth of third-party applications allowing rapid product development and integration.


>> ... Embedded vision systems are being deployed in more application fields than ever as even more sectors are embracing the opportunities of faster and more connected image processing. Partnering with established and successful organizations such as ADL helps us to support more projects in science and industry and bring lightning-fast solutions to vision systems around the world ... <<< Active Silicon Ltd.


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