The Energy Sector has come to rely on embedded SBC systems to serve their small to medium volume computation and control node needs. Energy Infrastructure represents a long-run cyclical upgrade market that benefits greatly from carrying their application investment across multiple generations of hardware.

ADL Embedded Solutions offers a tantalizing mix of legacy hardware and software support with thoughtful migration to future hardware thus enhancing economic advantages that are the result of leveraged development.

Key SBC features

With the addition of analog and digital input/output, embedded systems have assimilated PID and other control loop functions often replacing a bank of PLC controllers with a single intelligent system that supports high-performance SCADA interconnects. Integrated Ethernet controllers allow for bridging of loops as well as control and monitoring of redundant networks. Low power Intel ®Atom SBCs such as the ADLD25PC and ADLE3800PC or higher performance SBCs such as the ADLQM67PC or ADLQM87PC in both PC/104 and 3.5” form factors can all be deployed successfully depending on specific I/O, power, and processing power requirements.

Motor control systems

Through advanced high-resolution and low latency encoders and resolvers, motor control and monitoring are tasks that have been expanded beyond the realm of switchboards and vector drive systems. EtherCat industrial control systems can be monitored and managed by any system with an Ethernet connection, offering the lowest latency and highest reliability and performance of any industrial control system.

Oil and gas exploration and production

Reliability is the key to success in the oilfield and equipment must survive multiple deployments. Ease of transport, deployment and utilization round out the additional design factors for suitable embedded systems.
Working closely with system manufacturers, our Custom System solutions have been ruggedized for deployment in Explosion-Proof environments. From shirtsleeve control room environments through the noxious gasses of the drilling zone and into the grind of the production environment, ADL Embedded Solutions help optimize capacity and scheduling.

Mining, renewable energy, energy distribution

Aside from industrial process and motor control functions, datalogging of remote mining and renewable energy operations such as wind farms benefit from low power SBCs such as the ADLS15PC, ADLD25PC or ADLGS45PC with legacy support for PCI/104 CANBus peripherals and I/O flexibility including Gigabit Ethernet, miniPCIe, serial COM ports and multiple USB 2.0 ports.

Systems integration

ADL Embedded Solutions is well versed at not only defining SBC and peripheral expansion board solutions for most applications, but also designing, creating and integrating custom enclosures to meet both low and high IP requirements for extended temperature and rugged environments.