Thermal Solutions


Light Weight

ADLs thermal solutions have a compact form factor and help saving weight in space constrained Applications.


All standard thermal solutions (COTS) can be modified (MCOTS) up to full custom designs.


Since 1994 we are experienced in designing and manufacturing of standard and custom thermal solutions.


ADLs thermals solutions are made for operation in wide temperature range and rugged enviroment


Item Code Description
0.6“ Heatspreader ADL Heatspreader Solution 0.6” for conduction cooling
1.0” Heatspreader ADL Heatspreader Solution 1.0” for conduction cooling

Heatsink + Fan

Item Code Description
Heatsink ADL Heatsink Solution for operation with fan
Heatsink Passive ADL Heatsink Solution for low profile passive/fanless operation
Heatsink for Heatspreader ADL Heatsink Solution for Heatspreader mount


Item Code Description
Passive Heatpipe ADL Heatpipe Solution for conduction cooling (855/945 only)


Item Code Description
Thermal Chassis Simulator ADL Chassis Simulator 10x10” for development


Item Code Description
Custom Thermal Solution Custom ADL support with semi- & fullcustom design of thermal solutions