Storage Solutions

From PATA to SATA, from SLC to MLC, from 2.5" till M.2 let us know what storage size you need and we will offer a perfect match.


What we don't offer onboard we can expaned by a vast ecosystem of 3rd partie peripherals.

Tools and Utilities

Beside the manufacturers standard tools and drivers ADL Embedded Solutions offers a specialized toolkit and BSP for every Board.

Cable Kits

A standard cable kit is optionally available for each ADL Embedded Solutions SBC and Peripheral.

ADL SEC Expansion Boards

Item Code Description
ADLSEC-1710 ADLSEC Expansion Board

ADL PCIe/104 Expansion Boards

Item Code Description
ADLLAN-41000e Quad-Port Gigabit Ethernet LAN for ADLPCIe/104-SBC
ADLVIS-1660 CoaXpress PCIe/104 Peripherals

ADL PC/104-Plus Expansion Boards

Item Code Description
ADLLAN-2 PC/104-Plus Ethernet LAN

ADL 3.5"-SBC Expansion Boards

Item Code Description
ADLLAN35-41000e Quad-Port Gigabit Ethernet LAN for ADL 3.5"-SBC



ADL Adapter- & Bridge-Cards

Item Code Description
ADLCOM-ISOL1 RS232 Isolation Transceiver
ADLCOM-ISOL2 RS232 to RS485 Isolation Transceiver
ADLPCIe-PCI PCIe - PCI Bridge Card
ADL1001 M.2 (Key-B) to mPCIe Adapter

ADL Compact Flash IDE Converters

Item Code Description
ADLCF-II Compact Flash Series Adapter

ADL Chassis Simulators

Item Code Description
CS-100 Thermal Chassis Simulator to Mount Single Board Computers

ADL Cables and Spacerkits

ADLE3800PC-CK Development cable kit for ADLE3800PC CPU’s
ADLQM87PC-CK Development cable kit for ADLQM87PC CPU’s
ADLQM67PC-CK Development cable kit for ADLQM67PC CPU’s
ADLD25PC-CK Development cable kit for ADLD25PC CPU’s
ADLGS45PC-CK Development cable kit for ADLGS45PC CPU’s
ADLS15PC-CK Development cable kit for ADLS15PC CPU’s
ADL945PC-CK Development cable kit for ADL945PC CPU’s
ADL855PC-CK Development cable kit for ADL855/LX8PC CPU’s
ADLLX8PC-CK Development cable kit for ADL855/LX8PC CPU’s
ASSEMBLY-KIT 4 PC/104  Std. Stand-off posts, Hex nuts, screws
ASSEMBLY-KIT(m) 4 PC/104 Metric stand-off posts, Hex nuts, screws
MSEIDECK-2.5″ 44PIN IDE cable 12″ for 2 Devices
PC104+-CON PC/104 & PC/104+ Connectors for spacing
PC104-CON PC/104 Connector for spacing


ADL Software Utility

Item Code Description
ADLSST Linux System Sensor Technology Software Utility